Statii containerizate pentru alimentari cu apa potabila

H2O’s modular filtration system for potable water consists of a series of filtration units, designed to handle specific filtration tasks.

The components of each module are assembled within a special container, sized for easy transportation as a regular 40 foot container. Each module contains all the necessary equipment for independent operation. The installation process of the modules is simple; it only requires the connection of the units’ inlet and outlet pipes to the customer’s pipeline and the connection of the electrical board to the power grid.

The standard modules of the system are designed to filter two main qualities of raw water to high standard potable water:

• Type-1 water – lake or well water with low to medium levels of suspended solids and low levels of dissolved chemicals. (See chapter 3 for a detailed list of chemicals and their concentration levels.)

• Type-2 water – lake or well water with dissolved Iron, Manganese or Arsenic. (See chapter 3 for maximum concentration levels.)

The system’s modules are designed for two standard flow-rates:

• Basic unit for filtering a flow-rate of 10 M³/hr
• Extended unit for filtering a flow-rate of 20 M³/hr

The following paragraph lists the filtration modules:

• Type-A module – Basic unit for Type-1 water
• Type-B module – Extended unit for Type-1 water
• Type-C module – 10 M³/hr aeration unit for Type-2 water


1. Filtering 10 M³/hr of Type-2 water requires one Type-C and one Type-A modules.
2. Filtering 20 M³/hr of Type-2 water requires two Type-C and one Type-B modules.